AshaNilayam is a special school for the mentally challenged children and it started functioning in the year 1979 at Ponkunnam. Inorder to cast away the thoughts of fear and feelings of dejection, rays of hope and love is provided to children who are mentally challenged. At AshaNilayam, all efforts are made to bring out the best of the talents and skills that are hidden in them. At present 94 inmates and 16 staff are there at AshaNilayam. Children are trained to get accustomed with the environment from the age of five. Adequate training and facilities are provided for children such as yoga, physiotherapy, dance, singing practices, band set and vocational training such as soap, candle, flower, paperbag making and other activities like vegetable & flower gardening, cooking, tailoring are also provided at the center. More than 500 children have already received such training which conferred on them the competence and employability.The institution meets its daily expenses with the Grant-in-aid from Central Govt.


"Continuous effort — not strength or intelligence — is the key to unlocking your potential."

Winston Churchill, British Prime Minister